How We Work

Our passion for software development is clearly evident in the solutions we develop

Projects that follow the agile methodology are by far the most successful ones and we have adopted this approach. Our Teams are made up of 2 or more engineers. Time upfront is invested into designing and building our development pipeline. This asset offers return on investment and promotes quality software production.

We prefer understanding the business over specs or documents and believe that building relationships with key business owners are vital in building the right product. We see our product owners as part of the delivery team. We demo often so that business can see progress and direction of the solution. This gives our customers the ability to change the solution while it is being developed.

We partner up with our clients

Our team of engineers prefer to be as close as possible to the business teams. We value high level communication and collaboration. We want our partners to understand and see what we are doing.

We encourage our engineers to be transparent. Business should always be able to tell what has been done, what is being done and what is still to come. Our team of engineers change as the project progresses. Technical Leads and Senior engineers are swopped out when a project reaches “terminal velocity“. Terminal velocity is a term we use to describe that the development work no longer requires architectural or pattern changes, just functionality to be built following the existing structure. This reduces cost to our clients and ensures that the software is highly maintainable. Technical Leads and Senior Engineers are also injected into the project when their skills are required.

We build towards a defined goal, once achieved we set new goals!


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